Community Regulations




  • For Dwelling Purposes Only: 
  • No unit is allowed to be used as a business place.
  • Consideration of your neighbor: no late noisy parties or other practices that would be a nuisance to your neighbors.
  • No alterations that alter the looks and/or impair the structural or positive integrity of the building.


  • Vehicular parking in general common elements should be done in consideration of all owners in accordance with the guidance of the Board of Directors. 
  • No external signs or other items are to be placed on community property except those authorized by the BOD.
  • None of the common elements shall be altered in any way.
  • No garage to be used for human or animal habitation.
  • No external additions on or near the building are permitted e.g. equipment antennas, satellite dishes, playground equipment, etc.. 


  • A maximum or only two orderly pets are allowed per condo unit.
  • No breeding, keeping or boarding other pets are allowed.
  • Pets must be kept in areas designated and be either carried or leashed.
  • Owners must immediately remove and properly dispose of solid excrement. 


If further details or explanations are needed, please see Article X in the Disclosure Statement.

Remember: DO NOTHING to externally change the appearance or use of your condo or the common element areas without specific approval of the Board of Directors.

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